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Efigestia sponsors the CECOVAL Conference: “Online Marketing Strategies and Techniques”

CECOVAL (Confederation of Valencian Commerce Entrepreneurs) has promoted and organized the 2nd day of the cycle of presentations called "Good business practices in New Technologies”, committed to the relevance that the INTERNET has in the future of the commerce sector, an event that has been sponsored by EFFIGESTY

This breakfast - conference was able to have the participation of Silvia Ordiñaga, General Director of Commerce and Consumption of the Department of Commerce of the Generalitat Valenciana, Isabel Cosme as president of CECOVAL as well as Héctor Granell as Director of the firm Gestiomedia, expert in online marketing.
The theme of the presentation revolved around the fundamental concepts when addressing the design and implementation of a form of expression of wholesale and retail trade such as a ONLINE STORE. Thanks to the teacher's knowledge, the most important fundamentals of electronic commerce, online marketing and specifically the strategies and techniques of online marketing to follow in every business on the INTERNET network.

The presentation, in addition to being enriching from a conceptual point of view, has had the opportunity for attendees to practically verify the importance of all the information and explanations thanks to the examples of success and failure that the speaker has made available to them. all. Thus, how to reach new customers, how to retain them, how to ensure that visits can be converted into sales, etc... has become clearer for all the representatives of Valencian commerce who were able to meet at the CECOVAL facilities.


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