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Tender Management and BPO Outsourcing

National and international

  • We are an entity APPROVED and ACCREDITED by Public Institutions as IVACE (Generalitat Valenciana) in the area of International Public Procurement. This may mean that the cost of our TUTORING SERVICES may be significantly SUBSIDIZED depending on the calls and programs in force at all times. Contact us and we will analyze each case.

We manage National and International Tenders

Grow by entering other countries and always being well represented. EFIGESTIA represents Spanish companies before multilateral international organizations in international bidding processes: UN, WB (World Bank), IDB (Inter-American Development Bank), EUROPAID (European Union Agency), EIB (European Investment Bank), etc...

We support different public institutions and governments to design and implement strategies to improve competitiveness with the aim of internationalizing their companies.

? Who can benefit?

Goods and services companies with a certain level of qualification that wish to open their potential markets. In addition to supplying their traditional markets, they will be able to participate in international public tenders through multilateral organizations and achieve important contracts abroad.
Goods producing companies.
Associations (The size, sector of activity and geographical origin of the bidding companies are irrelevant).

? What do we deal with?

- We make available to any Spanish company of goods and/or services a new commercial market parallel to the traditional one where collection is assured.
- Identifying and designing programs and projects.
- Identifying and designing programs and projects.
- Evaluating and selecting contests.
- Preparing offers consistent with the terms of reference.
- Executing projects on site.
- Managing and coordinating the different project execution units.
- Making an intermediate and final evaluation of the projects in which we are immersed.

? What public organizations do we work in?

World Bank - BM
United Nations – UN
EUROPAID – European Commission
Inter-American Development Bank – IDB
Spanish Agency for International Cooperation
UNCTAD International Trade Center
UNDP – United Nations Development Program


Our BPO (OUTSOURCING) services are this response to the need that our clients have to OPTIMIZE their resources to the maximum, and thus be able to direct all their initiatives and efforts to those KEY issues of their companies that really provide added value, their CORE BUSINESS. That is, it is about outsourcing those activities of a company that are not basic to generating income that is important for the company to function well. 

In this way, several objectives are achieved at the same time:

The first objective of our system is the one that is most quickly observable, cost reduction. Professionalizing the management of an economic-financial department through BPO (OUTSOURCING) automatically frees up human resources and their needs for updating and continued training. In addition, problems of unmotivated personnel and all types of causes that reduce the productivity of a department are automatically eliminated.

It is also one of the first direct consequences of OUTSOURCING. Companies manage to review all their usually obsolete and inefficient administrative and financial processes. The virtues of our services are quickly observed, increasing the productivity of the affected departments: administration and internationalization.

Normally, an SME company cannot have specialists in each functional area. As is known, there is no company that is truly productive in all its activities and it is truly difficult to achieve high performance in all its functional areas. With our outsourced or OUTSOURCING service, areas as specific as accounting-tax, economic-financial and internationalization can be managed in a flexible and professional way.

Making certain aspects of management more flexible automatically frees up economic resources and dedication to the parts that make each company special and different and thus manage to guarantee its competitiveness and growth.

We convert fixed costs into variable ones. With a flexible and agile company we ensure that it is more prepared for any type of changes in the market.

Thanks to OUTSOURCING, we are responsible for updating the most appropriate software in each situation. Including Digitization and Document Management solutions

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