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Design and rental of online platforms and content

Ephigesty E-Learning

EFIGESTIA has developed a new area of activity based on the use of new technologies in the world of online training and learning.

To this end, it has set up a human team specialized in the development of online educational platforms (LMS) and online educational pedagogy.

The services it offers to its clients are:

eLearning Content Design

Efigestia has developed a new area aimed at the design and development of new educational content for online training. To do this, it uses the most advanced techniques on the market, transforming the usual text manuals into audiovisual teaching tools.

This is achieved by creating content that can be implemented on the most widespread educational platforms on the market (scorm format) following the most demanding pedagogical guidelines.

The didactic contents developed by Efigestia are characterized by: 

Our technicians define the educational objectives of each content in collaboration with the client and in a completely personalized way to their type of entity, students and type of platform.

Rental of elearning content

Efigestia also develops content that it subsequently provides on a leasing/rental basis to its clients in the form of a license per student.

These contents are developed in scorm format so that they can be implemented on any of the most widespread platforms on the market (mainly MOODLE). In this way, these contents can be exploited by the client from their own platforms.

The rental of educational content aims to provide training entities with the possibility of offering their students training actions of a high degree of novelty as well as official professionalism certificates from SEPE (Public Employment Service).

Platform rental and customization

Additionally, EFIGESTIA also offers its clients the possibility of developing completely personalized elearning platforms through which they can exploit the online training activity in any type of educational field:


- Companies
– Teaching institutes
– Vocational training centers
- Etc.

As is known, thanks to the online training, teletraining or elearning platforms, the student can, virtually, receive learning anywhere by accessing it through the Internet and any type of electronic device (PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet).

These platforms are offered to our clients both on an ad-hoc basis and on a rental basis, also assuming the functions of hosting, maintenance and technological updating.

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