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Why are the international tenders market so interesting?

The answers to this question are a set of varied arguments that result in a resounding statement. It really is, unlike what one might initially think, an agile market, with a very considerable business volume and which is within everyone's reach. Below are a series of irrefutable arguments based on realities:

– We are talking about a market of ANNUAL size that oscillates andbetween 80,000 and 100,000 million dollars
– It is a market that is present and will develop in practically all economic areas of the planet: Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe,…
– Allows you to observe and address projects and opportunities in an infinite range of activity sectors: engineering services, health services, supply of medical equipment, electrical machinery and generators, food, design and construction of industrial facilities, education, furnishing of facilities, construction of schools, hospitals, advice on surveys, elections, censuses, publishing of books and publications, financial audits, and so on a very long etcetera of goods and services that EVERY DAY They are put out to tender by the different multilateral organizations that exist in the world.
– Participating in this type of international multilateral market automatically becomes an initiative for commercial and international opening of any company with which to increase its activity and diversify its risks.
– Working with Multilateral Organizations, regardless of the type of project or country where it is carried out, makes the assurance of the collection process Absolute. The contracts are supervised by this type of organizations, are guaranteed by sovereign guarantees and end up eliminating practically the greatest risk that exists in an internationalization or export process.
– Working in the markets enabled by an international multilateral organization brings our company into contact with resources that were hitherto inaccessible or expensive in the market of origin, quickly achieving economies of location and scale by also increasing the size of its operations.
– It will be possible to improve efficiency and increase competitive capacity, by coming into contact with more demanding and competitive companies, clients and consumers, stimulating levels of innovation and technological development.
– The size of the company only affects the type and size of the project that is to be tendered, but it is never an obstacle or reason for exclusion, nor is the nationality of our firm.

And of course, there are very large advantages and positive aspects that are more intangible but of similar importance to those described, which are:

– The notoriety and differentiation of the company's products and brands is greatly improved, which automatically increases the company's positioning.
– Achieve prestige and international recognition and the possibility of achieving new alliances

All of the above can only make us think that if all of this is really the case, we are missing out on an immense amount of possibilities for sales, growth, and profitability for no reason.



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