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But what do we understand by Tender or “Tender” in English? If we go to the definition, we understand by Bidding a “System by which the execution of a work or a service, generally of a public nature, is awarded to the person or company that offers the best conditions.”
We SMEs have always believed that the world of Bidding is made for a few, that is, for large companies, but we are wrong simply due to the lack of knowledge we have about them. It is a market in which SMEs are a little afraid or panic about the paperwork that this can entail, but where it exists and we miss out on a lot of very interesting business opportunities.
Currently, the market for multilateral and bilateral tenders represents more than 150,000 million dollars each year, and the Spanish economy has consolidated the first place among nations awarded funds from the World Bank, with 585 million achieved in 2013. The world share of Spain in this organization has gone from 4.94 % to 7.10% in just one year.
The size of the company only affects the type and size of the project that is to be tendered, but it is never an obstacle or reason for exclusion, nor is the nationality of our firm.
There are two types of ways to bid, we can do it both at an international level, perhaps a little more complicated for us, and at a national level, much more accessible for us, and of all kinds.
You don't have to be afraid of them... today there are companies in the market specialized in all the paperwork involved in the process of submitting to a Tender and which for a small cost the company that wants to tender only has to be in charge of giving you the information. requested.



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