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$80 billion a year of opportunities

Currently, we have one of the most dynamic and attractive markets in the world, which coincidentally many companies are still unaware of. This market is the sale of products and services that are acquired or requested by the so-called Multilateral International Organizations. These organizations are the different agencies of the UN, the World Bank, the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank), EUROPAID (External Cooperation Agency of the European Union), EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), etc. This market is initially determined by the donations made by the richest countries in the world every year and which later translate into calls for a multitude of products and services aimed at poorer or developing countries. development. Currently, these funds total approximately $80 billion annually. The most curious thing of all is that any company in the world, large or small, can be a supplier to this type of market.

Considering the current global economic situation, where internationalization is the only escape route for many companies, this market is a very good alternative that can help reactivate the economies of many companies. However, it is not precisely the Spanish companies that have the greatest dynamism in these markets. This is why most of the donations that Spain contributes annually to these multilateral organizations do not return to the country itself because most of the companies participating in this trade are foreign. The majority come from the EU, the United States, Canada and Japan, which are awarded projects in Ecuador, Bolivia, Angola, etc. Spain is a little left out of participation mainly because most companies do not have sufficient information about said market and contracting procedures.

It is important to convey to companies that the only thing that is needed is to be a stable and serious company and to be well positioned in the sector in which it operates. This way you can carry out each tender or project without any difficulty.

This market can be considered as an alternative for going abroad that complements any other type of company growth strategy without requiring a significant dedication or investment at the beginning.

Some of the many additional reasons that make it interesting to approach this market are:

  • It is an opportunity for many companies that are in difficulties due to the stagnation of the national market.
  • It is an open door for greater diversification of production and for those companies with surpluses.
  • It is an opportunity to start internationalization. Therefore, any company that is approved for a project by multilateral organizations has the perfect opportunity to set up its business there and continue developing its strategies.
  • The contracting procedures of this type of public organizations are always carried out under absolute transparency and without any discrimination, ensuring competition, minimizing expenditure for governments and avoiding corrupt practices.
  • It is a totally safe market. The goods and services that are contracted by this type of multilateral organizations are settled on time and in absolute punctuality.

The most common sectors that bring together most of the contracting of goods and services in this type of market are:

GOODS AND PRODUCTS• Furnishing • Agricultural equipment • Domestic equipment • Medical equipment • Vehicles • Telecommunications and IT Equipment • Food • Pharmaceutical products • Equipment for water supply • Laboratory equipment • Educational products

SERVICES • Construction • Consulting • Telecommunications • Security • Engineering • Transport • Printing press

As we all know, every day it is more important for any company to consider the international market as a necessity in which to operate. Spanish companies that have already tested their entry into this market are already operating in it in competition with companies and entities from other important countries.

The really important thing is to be aware that this market alternative exists, that it is necessary to monitor daily the multitude of projects and purchase requests that are announced, mark the area where we want to operate, the type and volume of project that we interests, and subsequently apply or present an offer when we deem it appropriate. The cost is minimal and the possibility of obtaining important contracts is very significant.

From EFFIGESTY We encourage all SMEs to take the first steps in this succulent market, which is also transparent and secure.



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