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What is my elevator picth?

A common denominator of companies that are successful in their activities is that they have known how to shape their “Elevator Pitch” or also called “elevator pitch.”

The elevator pitch is a business definition put together in such a way that it is capable of explaining to any person, client, supplier, etc... what you are, what you offer and how you can help them or cover a need in just 30 seconds.

On many occasions, synthesizing your company's activity and its positioning in the market in such a short time and words is difficult, but by achieving it you achieve the optimal level of information that amplifies the communicative effect of your business message. When you analyze it carefully you realize that you don't really need more time or more words. With this you make it easier for your message to end up staying in the mind of your interlocutor almost eternally. This is why, when you are clear about your Elevator Pitch, repeat it in all the communication elements of your company.

To facilitate the process of searching and creating your own “Elevator Pitch” you can do so by completing the following statements:

  1. Our company works with ….. (our type of client or consumer) who has a problem or need ………………………….. (type of problem or issue that our client wants to solve or satisfy)
  2. What our company does is…… (explanation of what our company does to solve the problem or cover the need using language that is as clear and simple as possible)
  3. So………….. (explains what is going to be achieved. The objective that we will achieve)
  4. Which means that……….. (the benefit or satisfaction that our client will obtain)

Thanks to this scheme, any company can have a corporate Elevator Pitch and many other more specific ones related to lines of activity, services or products it markets.

When we have managed to have our Elevator Pitch, we would have to check that its effect is the desired one. Then we would subject him to the following questioning:

Does it sound convincing and categorical?

  1. Really explain what your business does?
  2. Does your client understand it clearly and without nuances?

In conclusion, it has been proven that a consumer or client wants to buy and/or contract a service with a company or professional who knows how to communicate clearly and in a few words what they do. The brain of all of us needs and seeks simplicity of messages. This way, the client feels more secure and their decision-making process is greatly simplified, so the likelihood that they will count on us to cover their needs increases exponentially.

If we are clear that our Elevator Picth is good and has been proven, we can begin to use it systematically in any communication element of our firm: commercial brochures, page or website, at the bottom of invoices, on the wall of the office, commercial events.

If, on the other hand, you can't find your Elevator Pitch, then you would have to ask yourself if your company is really well oriented to satisfy your customers or if you don't know it well, which would be even more serious, don't you think?

And finally, what does this have to do with participating in a tender or tender? Well, very simple, the process of evaluating a store or tender is still a purchase. The technician of the public or private organization that manages the tender needs to verify that your company is suitable to be awarded the service or project. It requires concretion, clarity and simplicity of words. You need to be able to verify that you comply with the type of company to which the contest is directed. Therefore, here, "the more the better" does not work. 

You need to be clear about your "elevator picth" now Yes or Yes!!



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